Learn To Develop Quiet Eyes And Lower Your Score

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You might ask yourself how quiet eyes can help to lower your golf handicap.   If you want to know some of the secrets of PGA TOUR players, read the below article written by a good friend of mine David MacKenzie from Golf State of Mind. Implement some of the techniques he demonstrates and lower your scores the next time out on the links.

Original article published Jan 10, 2015 on www.golfstateofmind.com by David MacKenzie

If you’re like most golfers, in any given round you’ll hit a mixture of thin, fat, heel and toe shots, which becomes very frustrating. If you’re not making consistently solid contact with the center of the club, your distance control and accuracy will be no where near as good as it could be. So what’s the solution?

I’m sure you’ve heard the tip “keep your head down” to improve ball striking, but how many of us know about the role that our eyes play in this? Is hitting the ball thin not because you lift your head up, but because your eyes are looking at the top of the ball. And is hitting it fat actually because your eyes follow the club back and don’t return to the bottom of the ball. Let’s take a look at the proof…

“Quiet Eye”: The secret to better ball striking

eyetrackerThe term “Quiet Eyes” was coined by Professor Joan Vickers, a specialist in Kinesiology (the study of body movement). In a study, she wanted to find out how elite golfers use their eyes. She used headgear which allowed her to see exactly where the elite golfers were focusing their eyes, before, during and after a shot.

What she discovered, was that elite golfers have a common pattern of fixation of their eyes during a shot which is different to an average player (16 handicap).

She found that the average player is more erratic with the gaze and they don’t hold their gaze on the ball for as long, before taking the club back. They also tend to follow the ball with their eyes. The result of both is a more inconsistent strike on the ball, which equates to several lost shots each round.

Breaking it down further, she found that the most important factor in the difference in ball striking, was the length of the fixation on the ball right before the shot. Elite players fixed their eyes on the ball for an average of 2 seconds, while the average player fixed their eyes for an average of 1.5 seconds. And this 0.5 seconds makes a difference!

Golf is a hand-eye coordination sport. The eyes tell the body what it needs to do. The ball is essentially an intermediary target in the process of hitting a good golf shot.

Another study was performed by Dr. Mark Wilson a lecturer in human movement science, and it involved reminding players to briefly focus on the EXACT spot where they wish to send the ball, and then settle their eyes back on the ball and hold them there.

Dr. Wilson conducted the study with 2 groups of golfers. One practiced on different aspects of their putting stroke and the other group focused on the a visualization technique of fixating the eyes between the ball and the target and holding their gaze on an exact spot on the ball for 2-3 seconds before taking the putter back.
The results were convincing. Those who worked on the quiet eye technique were far more accurate than those who focused on their stroke. Interestingly still, the group who were “visualizing” had lower heart rates and less muscle twitching, showing less “performance anxiety”.

In putting, the quality of the ball strike is something that gets better with better players. They simply keep their eyes focused longer on the back of the ball.

Dr. Wilson says he encourages his students to “keep their gaze on the back of the ball, which is the contact point for the putter, for a brief period before starting the putting action” long enough to say “back of the cup” to themselves.

“Such intense focus on the ball blocks out negative interference from mental chatter and “allows the brain to process the aiming information and direct the body in the proper motions to get the ball where you wish to go.”
Immediately after each putt (before they see where the ball went), the students then have grade themselves out of 10 on the quality of the strike, so this starts to become the goal. If you can consistently hit the ball out the center of the putter, you will putt more consistently. Watch the world’s best players and you’ll notice them switching their gaze between the ball and the target (“scan path”), then fixating on the ball for 2-3 seconds, then remain in the same position for 1-2 seconds after it. Try it.
With putting accounting for around 45% of the average golfers shots, this can be an easy way to shave strokes off your handicap and putt better under pressure. Testament to this – the same 2 groups of golfers were then put in a high pressure environment, competing for a prize. Those who had been learning the visualization techniques sunk 16% more putts than the group that had not. They had a lower heart rate and struck the ball more purely to their target. Proof that simple techniques can help you perform better under pressure!

“I often get asked what I look at when I’m hitting the ball. I narrow my focus to one dimple at the back-center of the ball. That’s where I want to hit it. Try this. It gives you a better chance of staying down through the shot and making solid contact.” – Tom Watson

When you’re focusing on the ball before taking the club back, pick out a single dimple to look at. So it would go like this:

– ball and target
– ball and target
– ball and target
– ball for 1-2 seconds
– swing, focusing on a single dimple (the point of contact) = keep eyes fixed over the ball

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Camilo Villegas Interview

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Josh McCumber sat down with Camilo Villegas to ask him some questions about his college recruiting process, his time at the University of Florida, his transition to becoming a PGA TOUR winner, and advice he has for student athletes going through the process. Enjoy his answers in the 15 minute interview and feel free to comment on what you will take from Camilo’s thoughts to become a better student and golfer.

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Tiger Woods Revolutionized Golf Fitness & See The Impact It Has Had On Rory McIlroy

Tiger Woods had a mission.  He wanted to change the perception the world had of golfers.  He wanted the masses to know that golfers were athletes too.  Almost 20 years since he burst onto the scene, look how he has now influenced one of the best golfers in the world, Rory McIlroy.

Source: Stack.com Author: Mandy Lucier

Click to read full article originally published on stack.com March 30, 2015

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Arms Up

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Upside Down Approach To Performance

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Have you ever performed a headstand or shoulderstand? Better yet, have you been on an inversion table? If you have done either activity I’m sure you had a pretty similar experience. Your brain went kind of blank. Your mental chatter slowed down and you were able to really feel your body. I encourage everyone reading this post to practice doing a headstand or shoulderstand every morning after you wake up and every evening before bed.

I just finished reading the book A Calm Brain, by Gayatri Devi. She describes what happens when getting calm from the bottom up. “Your heart rate and breathing slow down. Deep, slow breaths and a slowed heartbeat send a strong message to the core brain, signaling there is no threat in the environment, and the world is a safe place.”

So give it a try tonight and see how it makes you feel. The more you practice being in this position for say 10-20 breaths will have you on the path to a more calm state and a more relaxed mind and body, which will improve your scores immediately! Enjoy the walk…Play the game.

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Good Mornings

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