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Golf Can Help Relieve Stress?

Golf is the perfect tonic for good health and happiness.  Playing in the fresh air and green spaces is known to reduce your stress levels. Give it a try …..  the outdoors are calling you!

Moderate exercise, such as playing a round of golf, may help protect people against future anxiety and stress – according to the University of Maryland.
A study found that this type of exercise can not only reduce existing anxiety, but can help you maintain that reduced anxiety even after the game of golf is finished. The study shows moderate exercise was more effective than quiet rest at reducing anxiety. Playing in the fresh air and green spaces can also help reduce your stress levels.
Research shows golf can reduce stress and anxiety as well as boosting your happiness levels. The sport combines friendship, fitness and fresh air – all key ingredients for wellbeing.
“Golf really does tick all the boxes for things you need for optimal wellbeing,” says psychologist and coach Miriam Akhtar from www.positivepsychologytraining.co.uk . “It offers some important feel-good factors, such as an active social life and regular physical activity of the best kind – what we call ‘green exercise’ outside in nature.”
The Green Exercise Research Team at the University of Essex www.greenexercise.org is studying the synergistic benefits of combining physical activity with being simultaneously exposed to nature. Research shows it improves psychological health by reducing stress levels, enhancing mood and self-esteem and offering a restorative environment which enables people to relax, unwind and recharge their batteries.
A study found that this type of exercise can not only reduce existing anxiety, but can help you maintain that reduced anxiety even after the game of golf is finished. The study shows moderate exercise was more effective than quiet rest at reducing anxiety. Playing in the fresh air and green spaces can also help reduce your stress levels.
Whether you spend half an hour at the driving range, play a few holes or a full game, you will be outside in the fresh air often taking in some stunning surroundings.
“Being outside in nature is good for your mental health and combining that with the exercise you get from playing the sport – and the social element of golf – boosts your brain’s natural feel good chemicals,” says Miriam Akhtar.
Dr Karl Morris Europe’s leading golf psychologist agrees that golf is a good way to boost your happiness quota and wellbeing, pointing out that it is also one of the few sports you can play throughout your life. “Golf is unlike any other sport for building social connections. The handicap system means you can play anybody whatever their age or ability,” says Dr Morris.
Research shows that the better our social life and social support the happier and healthier we feel. Joining a golf club or visiting a driving range is a great way to make new friends as well as spend quality time with those you already have. Playing together gives you a common purpose which in turn triggers positive emotions.
Golf can also help you regularly achieve the beneficial state of mind that psychologists call ‘flow’. This is where you are so absorbed in the task at hand, whether it’s putting the ball or improving your swing, that you feel intensely positive and energised. The more ‘flow’ you have in your life, the happier you are likely to feel.

Tom Watson's Key to the Golf Swing

One of the simplest things to focus on in the golf swing.  Watch Tom Watson discuss the key to consistent golf.

If you have a difficult time maintaining your posture throughout your golf swing, your body mechanics could need some tweaking.  Overhead deep squats are a great exercise.  Watch here to perform the correct deep squat and be able to stay in your posture for better and more consistent golf shots!

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Take the One Month Meditation Challenge

Golf and life mirror each other in so many ways.  In addition to creating more peace of mind in your life, your golf game will benefit greatly from meditation.  Spend a few moments reading the below on an easy way to create a new habit.  It is said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so go ahead and commit to meditating every day for one month and I assure you will see many added benefits to your life and golf game.

If you complete the challenge, Josh McCumber will be holding a live video clinic next month from Hollywood, Florida.  Details will follow on how you can watch the lesson from your computer or mobile device.

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Chris “the Kiwi” from Athletic Greens sent this below email.

One of the best ways to build positive momentum towards a healthier and happier life is to make meditation a daily habit.

It only takes a few minutes a day, doesn’t require much effort, and you can do it from your bed right after you wake up.

Here are my suggestions for you to kick off more effective meditation…

1) Start with 10 minutes per day.

10 minutes is all you need to start noticing the positive effects – and it’s a short amount of time, which makes it easier to stick with the habit.

2) Sit up straight with hands on your lap and both feet on the ground.

By sitting up, you’ll be more aware and alert – and avoid dozing off.

3) Scan your body.

Mentally scan your body from head to toe, and observe any tension or discomfort. Then, notice any thoughts that arise, as well as your underlying mood.

4) Consider your “why”. 

Pause for around 30 seconds and consider why you’re sitting and meditating. Recognize any expectation or desire you have, breath in, breath out, and just let it go.

5) Focus on your breath.

Simply observe the rising and falling sensation of your breathing. Focus on the quality of each breath – whether each breath is deep or shallow, long or short, fast or slow.

Then, silently count your breaths. One as you inhale, two as you exhale, three on the next inhale, and so on, until you get to ten. Then, restart at one.

If you notice your attention drift off, calmly bring it back and start silently counting again.

Try and exhale fully with each breath, letting your rib cage come down. Just doing this alone for a series of breaths will help move your nervous system out of fight or flight and into the parasympathetic state (rest and digest). BIG WIN.

6) Do it at the same time every day (many find mornings right after you wake up is best).

Mornings are usually best, because it puts you into a good frame of mind to start your day – and it’s also when most of us have the most control over our time.

7) Keep the streak going.

Once you commit to meditating every day, try not to break the streak. The positive momentum will feel awesome. Three days, then five, then ten, and so on – you’ll feel like you’re making some serious progress.

8) Use the right resources

There are a lot of great meditation resources out there. Smartphone apps like these will help you develop and stick to the habit, while also guiding you through some powerful meditation sessions:

(-) Headspace. Headspace has 10, 15, and 20 minute guided meditation sessions. It guides you through the same meditation process we outline in this email.

(-) 10% Happier. This app offers meditation courses and one-on-one teachers to help you get started with meditation.

(-) Brain.Fm. This app offers guided and unguided meditations, combined with binaural brainwaves that make it easier for you to focus.

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Swing the Foot

A great exercise to teach upper and lower body disassociation. Want power in your swing? Learn to separate the lower body from the upper and create an explosive move through the ball.

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Good Mornings

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A great warm up exercise. Do 20 reps as a warm up before you workout or hit the links. Also, a perfect addition to your daily routine to keep hamstrings flexible, improve hip bend and strengthen lower back. Visit Josh McCumber’s blog to see more.


Camilo Villegas Interview

For the month of January 2016 mention Camilo Villegas when you check in for your round of golf and we will give you 10% off your golf.

Josh McCumber sat down with Camilo Villegas to ask him some questions about his college recruiting process, his time at the University of Florida, his transition to becoming a PGA TOUR winner, and advice he has for student athletes going through the process. Enjoy his answers in the 15 minute interview and feel free to comment on what you will take from Camilo’s thoughts to become a better student and golfer.

Tiger Woods Revolutionized Golf Fitness & See The Impact It Has Had On Rory McIlroy

Tiger Woods had a mission.  He wanted to change the perception the world had of golfers.  He wanted the masses to know that golfers were athletes too.  Almost 20 years since he burst onto the scene, look how he has now influenced one of the best golfers in the world, Rory McIlroy.

Source: Stack.com Author: Mandy Lucier

Click to read full article originally published on stack.com March 30, 2015

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Arms Up

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A great warm-up exercise for the shoulders. Great to do during a workout, before you play or after a long back up on a tee. Please post how you incorporate these exercises into your routine.

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