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We will now be sending out discounted Tee Time links via email!

Keep an eye out – as they could be sent out any day, at any time!

Always first come, first serve.

Dynamic pricing is here, if you want the best guranteed price, it’s with CARPE DIEM or on our booking engine, will save 10% on average. Pricing can increase at anytime if you only rely on walking into our shop or calling!

Saturday and Sunday April 28th & 29th Times

April 28,  2018

TIME: 11:52 AM  ·  RATE: $22.00

TIME: 1:52 PM  ·  RATE: $18

TIME: 4:00 PM  ·  RATE: $9.00

April 29,  2018

TIME: 8:07 AM  ·  RATE: $25.00

TIME: 10:37 AM  ·  RATE: $23.00

TIME: 1:52 PM  ·  RATE: $18.00